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Alexandra Coulter

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1 Alexandra Coulter on Sat Jan 03, 2009 1:39 pm

Name: Alexandra Coulter (Nicknames = Alexa, Lexxie, Lex)

Gender: Female

Age[Remeber 12-17]: 13

District[1-12]: 9

Appearance: Alexa is wears loose clothing. Usually a T-shirt, jeans, sneakers occasionally, and her hair up in a pony tail. Across her back is a whip mark that stings to the touch, but she ignores it usually. About 5'2'', sort of muscular for a girl, long straight sandy brown hair, crystal blue eyes.

Personality: Lex is an absolute leader. She's also a bit of a prankster and has a great sense of humor. But when the time comes to be serious, she is dead serious and won't tolerate foolishness.

History: Alexa has one sibling, her older brother Jack. He is only a year older. Since Jack was boy and Alexa was a girl, they grew up to become very competitive. As such, Alexa became so competitive she challenged her father. Her father, Garret Coulter, was an excellent hunter, one of the best in his district, and he did not tolerate such from a child. So he took a whip and cracked it across Alexa's back so hard it scarred her for life. It was her reminder to never challenge her peers. Her family has enough to eat.

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