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Zinnia Yaren

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1 Zinnia Yaren on Sat Jan 24, 2009 4:40 pm

Zinnia Yaren,also called Zinn or Zia


She is the age of 14,almost 15.

District #1

Zinnia is pretty..if you look at her face and not at her broken body.She is slightly unique,at least compared to the other people in her district.This is because while most others are fed well enough,it would be a miracle for her to get in two meals a day.Her body is very skinny,with her ribs poking out slightly,and her petite arms and legs hardly carrying any muscle.She is physically weak,and everyone can tell that something just isn't right about her.You might think being in District #1 would make her strong,a good fighter,and fed enough,but that is not the case with her.She is very slim and her body is weak.She may be an excellent fighter,but her weakness won't allow her to win.She stands at the height of 6 feet exactly,most of which belongs in her legs.They are both long and slim,graceful even.But she doesn't have much tolerance to her appearance,because she has other things to worry about.Her arms resemble her legs greatly,as they are long and slender,but she always keeps them hidden.Why you might ask?That part will come later.If you look at her face,you at first might see a very sleek,refined features,but then your gaze will immediately move to her eyes.They are the hue of soft green,and they are very large and observant.Her cheekbones are high and angular,and her nose is of medium size.So,she is pretty,if you look away from the tragedy that is the rest of her body.Her hair falls down to the small of her back,and is a light brunette with a golden tint.She doesn't have bangs,and you will only ever catch her tying her hair up when it will get in the way--like when she gets in fights,with her father or with other teenagers.And then,there is the rest of her body.Thin and with muscle that never existed,it is made ugly by the marks of beating that her father scarred her with.And speaking of scars,she has a very ugly one that rises from her palm,all the way up her left arm,from when her father got a little too angry at her.Her appearance has changed much over the years,ever since her mother was killed.When she was a little girl,she was much more well fed and chubby even,and she was a dream,compared to how she looks now.Her soft green eyes were vivacious and lively,while they are always angry or depressed at this moment.Her smile had been wide and pretty,her cheeks had been filled with color,and her attitude had been filled with freedom.But now,she hardly smiles,and when she ever does,it is taunting someone.She just acts quiet now,and sticks to herself.So,if you look at the whole picture,she is an outsider,even when she is gathered around others.

When Zinnia was much littler,and she still had her sweet mother to care for her,she could have been anyone she wanted to be.She was wild and sweet,but defiant,as many little kids are.She liked to have her way,but wasn't selfish.She cared for others that she met and smiled whenever she looked around.She was full of spirit and independence.But when her mother died,everything changed,and it was only going to get worse.After the first 3 months,she was in denial and went on as usual,not crying and being happy as always,hiding her sadness.But then she realized how much she missed her mother,sleeping in the same room as her when she was little,brushing her hair,and listening to her be optimistic.So her facade started to crumble,and she took it out on everyone else.Her once loud personality changed to very quiet,and she hardly ever spoke to anyone.Whenever she did speak,it was usually to taunt them,because they at first,had been making fun of her.The only thing she kept from her younger life was her pride,although she kept it hidden,because it would get her in a lot of trouble.But then things got worse.As her father hurt her more and more and deprived her of nourishment,she sank into her shell even farther,and lost the ability to see who she actually was.Her pride,and happiness are a thing that exist on another planet.At this moment,she never talks to anyone,except her father,to say "Yes,sir" or to ask him if he needs anything.Disobeying him means getting a beating.Why doesn't she fight back?Because he is a monster,with his amazing strength,tall stature,and superior fighting abilities.The only thing that she would have against him in a fight is her excellent fighting ability,and her speed.But that,compared to his own strengths,is weak.And she is brittle,compared to him.Her body is at times,mostly purple from bruises,but he is careful not to put them on her face,where they are visible.Because of this she steers clear of the house,except when her father needs to be fed.She tries to block out the memories of her mother,because they bring pain.Zinnia is tough as nails,in her own little quiet way.

She was born in District #1,and was cared for very well by her mother.Her father was a hard worker,and they were rich,for a time.But when Zinnia turned the age of 9,her mother died.Or at least they think she died.She just never came home once she left.Her father,like Zinnia,kept up his facade and worked hard,but a year later,he started to drink.After only a month of that,he started to beat Zinnia,who it seemed was already broken beyond repair,because of the loss of her mother.Her father ordered her to feed him 3 times a day,so her main job was to scavenge for something edible that would suit his needs,while hardly getting anything for herself,because her father was a hog,and beat her if she tried to eat his food.So she fed him,giving in to his orders to stay alive and not be beaten to death.If she fed him,she would avoid injury.So that was her purpose in life,to try and survive by feeding her father.She considered running away from the district,and even though she wanted to be out in the open fields,with no worries,she would have no way to feed herself.She hardly knew how to hunt,only how to scavenge for food.So she stayed and lived with her one meal a day,just moving along at a slow,agonizing pace,and will do that until she grows older,and hopes more then anything that she won't be stuck in the Hunger Games,ever.But she can never stop it.

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