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James Carwardine

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1 James Carwardine on Mon Nov 02, 2009 3:08 am

Name: James Carwardine(Calls himself Jimmy the Generous)

Gender: Male

Age[Remeber 12-17]: 14 and 5 months

District[1-12]: 1

Appearance: Skinny but charming lad, with blue eyes and brown hair, he catches the ladies at home. But when he is stuck in a fight his facial features become pure concentration, and he now holds a few scars he gained in his first pub brawl.

Personality: Cocky, humorous and loves his opportunities, choosing to strike first then have to avoid the first blow. But he warns his trusted friends (both of them) that they must watch their items as he has a bad habit of taking what is not his.

History: He was born to a weak lonely mother and had an older sister. But when the family house burned down , and he somehow avoided dying, he went to the streets. He starved until a young lad called Swifty gave him a necklace with a ruby and told him where the black markets were. From then on the two became close friends and crooks, stealing jewels from families and selling them on the black-market. Until a week before the games when Swifty was killed by Peacekeepers. Jimmy avoided them until the reaping where they then found him, when a younger lad was called to become a tribute Jimmy dived at the opportunity to get away from the peacemakers by quickly volunteering. They allowed him beaceuse the Hunger Games is mearly a death sentence. He believes he can win this but in his heart does not want to, for if he loses then he is dead, and if he wins then he will die, so he has decided to give the crowd something to watch.

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