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Kiara Virgo

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1 Kiara Virgo on Wed Dec 30, 2009 6:18 pm

Name: Kiara Virgo

Gender: Female

Age[Remember 12-17]: 16


Appearance: Tall and thin, she could be quite beautiful if she ever put any effort into her looks but she’s not the type to bother with that. Her straight hair is dyed a drab olive green and hangs just above her shoulders framing her face. Her eyes are a very dark brown and she tends to wear dull colors.

Personality: Kiara is kind and playful although you would never know it by the way she acts. She tends to have a cold demeanor that deters people from wanting to talk to her. She is quiet and prefers to think about things on her own rather then talking about them. She is so quiet because she is feed up with the world and every one in it.

History: Kiara grew up in a family that was well off compared to most, there were still times she went with out eating but it was never as bad as most. Her parents ran a small pharmacy which provided well for them, she spent most of her spare time with her older sister who always seemed to be in a good mood and Kiara was happy. But then at the age of 13 her name was drawn in the reaping.
With out hesitation her sister took her spot in the games and was killed on the first day fighting for supplies. Ever since then happiness has become a word that no longer has a meaning. Kiara sunk back, blocking out the world around her. During the week the practiced medicine and on the weekends she trained for the hunger games with one of her sisters old friends. Telling her self that it was best if she died like her sister since she no longer wanted to live.

(I dont know if there is already a district 2 girl, i didn't really look at all the applications but if there is I can change it.)

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