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Wesley(Wes) Ailer-District 6

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1 Wesley(Wes) Ailer-District 6 on Mon Sep 27, 2010 6:41 am

Name:Wesley Ailer

Nickname:Wes (everyone calls her this.)


District:6(scientific research)

Tesserae:13 extra times



Personality:tomboyish, funny, tough, nice, smart, athletic, fast. lies really well.

Friends/Family:Caden Ailer(brother-18) she plays around with him, he teases her, love-hate relationship, Carson Ailer(dad)loves him, plays sports with him, Pierce Ailer(deceased mom)misses her, Sim Ailer(brother-2) she plays with him, she loves him with all her heart and protects him always. Eli Trode(bff-male-16) she loves eli, but in a friend way. they play sports together and would do anything for each other.

Background/History:Wes's mom died when she was 4 in a tracker jacker attack. Wes secretly steals small amounts of products to sell and feed her family. Other than that, she's had a pretty normal life. No boyfriend yet. Yet. She hates the capitol and the HG. When she's drawn at the reapings, eli cant volunteer because he's a guy.

Appearance:very pretty: bright green eyes with flecks of gold, medium length curly dark brown hair, tan, skinny, about 5 foot 5.

Strengths:hand to hand combat, being tough, adaptability, spears, dodging stuff, being fast, edible plants and animals, swimming, GREAT at lying.

Weakness: cant use most weapons very well.

Weapon of choice:Hands, feet, her whole body. or maybe spears.
Likes: sports, music


Token: a woven anklet painted bright green to match her eyes. in silver it says, "LAUGH" Her family made it for her when she was 7.

Opening Ceremonies Outfit: A white lab coat and goggles. Plus black skinny pants with paint spatters all over them. Copper wire bracelets and little explosions of colorful smoke every couple seconds.

How do they react to the Capitol?She hates the capitol, but thinks it's amazing at the same time.

How do they react to the games? The games she hates. She thinks it is an ugly, cruel, horrid thing and she cant imagine how disgusting the creatoor of the games is.

Interview Angle:funny, outgoing, bold, tomboyish.

Interview Outfit:a bright green spaghetti strap knee length dress with a thin, flowy white jacket not closed.

Reaping Outfit: a navy blue baggy sweatshirt, holey black skinny jeans, ratty white sneakers.

Volunteer\Chosen: chosen

Reaction at the reaping:dumbfounded, but covers it easily.

Mentor:Truce Calla, a jokester, sarcastic guy that loves adventure and to play around, but when the time comes, can be instantly serious. He is nice. He has dark red-black hair and super light blue eyes. He's pretty handsome.

Other:she plays sports

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