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Dhalia Rhaina - District 4

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1 Dhalia Rhaina - District 4 on Tue Jan 04, 2011 6:54 pm

Name: Dhalia Rhaina


Age[Remeber 12-17]: 17

District[1-12]: 4

Appearance: Straight long light brown hair that she keeps back in a loose pony tail. Shes really tan from working in the water all day fishing!! She doesn't have normal "sea green" eyes like Finnick but bright blue.

Personality: Kind of shy. She doesn't have many friends but the friends she does have (one or two) she holds very close. When you get to know her you realize that she does have a pretty good sense of humor but does not think very highly of herself. Though she is shy she is always striving for adventure but District 4 is too well guarded to allow for any of that. Since she works in the ocean all day she can hold her breath for at least 1 minute (or so...) but doesn't have any real experience with the trident. She prefers to make spears out of the long bamboo shafts that commonly inhabit her section of District 4.

History: Lost both parents when she was 10. They were forced to go out in the ocean to fish while a lightening storm was going on. Sort of like Beetee's trap in Catching Fire, a lightening bolt hit the water sending an electric current into any of the bodies that were forced to work that day by the demands of the Peacekeepers. That day District 4 lost about half of its work force. She was taken in by the Community Home where she and a few other boys and girls who would turn 12 soon began training like Careers. The Home not only enjoyed it, but enforced it. They certainly loved their careers. Dhalia didn't do it because she wanted to be in the Games, in fact, she wanted the opposite and she was almost home free. She enjoyed a Games free life for a while, not having to sign for Tesserae because the Home fed her until that fateful reaping on her 17th birthday.

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