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Fern Willows: District 11

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1 Fern Willows: District 11 on Mon Feb 14, 2011 2:05 pm

Name: Fern Willows

Gender: Female

Age: 14

District: 11

Appearance: She has shoulder-length, pitch black hair, that tends to curl in the summer. She has messy bangs that are up to her nose, that are always in her face. Her bangs bother her, but she ignores them most of the time. Her eyes are navy blue, but they tend to look black in the right light. She slim, mostly from her lack of appetite. Her dark skin tends to get dry during the winter months. Fern's hands, feet, ears, nose; everything on her is smaller that it should be. In addition, she's short, 5'0"; which makes her look a lot younger than she really is. She usually throws on a plain shirt, and jeans.

Personality: Fern is the happy, always smiling type. She’s optimistic, and knows there’s always a way. She loves to help people. She gets attached to things easily, and sometimes it’s hard to let go for her. Fern is loyal to people, and a bit gullible. She gets embarrassed easily, and is sensitive. Sometimes, she can be overconfident in herself or others. Fern loves to make new friends, and is very social. Fern likes to take chances, and sometimes she can act rashly.

History: Fern Willows has had a very simple history in District 11. She had been working in the fields since she was a little girl, and always tried to enjoy it. Fern was also a talented baker, and had a love for baking. With her free time and with the small amount of resources she had, Fern would bake anything from breads to cakes. Cakes were expensive to create, so she would normally only make one annually. Her father once said her mother loved to bake, but that's all anyone's ever mentioned of her.

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