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Carmella Sanders

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1 Carmella Sanders on Tue Mar 13, 2012 5:06 pm

Carmella Sanders


Age[Remeber 12-17]:


Carmella has an oval shaped head. She has dark skin and chocolate brown eyes. A small nose and small lips. She has a beauitiful smile and small ears. Her hair is light brown and is parted on the left side. When she has it out it falls just past her shoulder blades, but she ususally has it in low pigtails.

Carmella is 5'7" and weighs about 100lbs. She has skinny arms and legs. Her right ankle has been borken many times from falling out of trees and tripping over many crops. Carmella usually wears pants that she rolls up so they lay just above her knee. She wears sneakers and t-shirts.

Carmella is usually shy. If you met her for the first time she would probably mumble a small "Hello." and try to be on her way as quickly as possible. She doesn't have many friends, but has two younger siblings that she loves to be around. She also has a father she isn't very fond of.

Carmella would rather have her nose in good book then be conversing with someone any time any day. She is very smart, but not very athletic. She is very nice, but almost rarely talks. She always has something to say, it's in her brain, but she almost never says it.

Carmella has two younger siblings. A brother and a sister who are twins. They are both nine years old. When the twins were around two mmonths old, their drunken mother left them. She may be dead, she may be alive living in another District. No one knows.

Her dad was forced to start being resposible for the family which he wasn't too fond of doing. So, he started working more than enough hours in the field with the crops. Because of this, Carmella had to start taking care of the twins.

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