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The Hunger Game Rules

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1 The Hunger Game Rules on Sat Dec 06, 2008 8:38 pm

The Hunger Games Rules

-The First 24 People to get their Character Sheets in will be participating
-In the Hunger Games arena, your character WILL probably die, unless it is the last one standing…Or the Game Keepers make a new rule Wink
-Deaths in the Arena are random, it could be caused by another Member or surprise attacks by the Game Keepers…Anything can happen Very Happy
-Winner is decided by activity of the player, skill in RPing, etc. When we get down to the final two tributes, a winner will be decided, and then you'll just have to roleplay out the other one dying.

Also, Please keep in mind that if you are going to kill someone you have to decide if it will be a surprise attack or not.

-If it isn’t a surprise attack and the person and you are facing each other, getting ready to fight you cannot automatically say that you killed them. Please fight, and everyone please remember that this is for fun and it doesn’t matter if you are killed  So don’t be mad if someone kills you…Enjoy the moment of getting killed? Very Happy

-But if you are going to kill someone…Please PM a Game keeper [admin] So they can send off the canon shot.

-Please also don’t swear so much, just say ‘[insert name here] swore under [his/her] breathe.’ Or something like that.

Thanks for reading this,

The Game Keepers

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