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Gus Rivera: District Eleven

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1 Gus Rivera: District Eleven on Tue Apr 10, 2012 7:29 pm

Name: Gus Rivera

Gender: Male

Age: Thirteen

District: Eleven

Appearance: Choppy dark brown hair, green eyes, rather short (five feet), long fingers, midtone skin color, long eyelashes, small nose, wide mouth, sharp teeth, along with other ragged features.

Personality: Gus is determined. Even if he doesn't win the Hunger Games, his goal is to make it close to the end. He wants to be remembered. Outside of the arena, Gus is very social, but rather pessimistic at the same time. He enjoys writing and playing soccer with friends from his district. His dazzling green eyes compliment his sinister personality.

History: Believe it or not, Gus's older brother's name was drawn at the Reaping a few years back, but died in the arena, placing 8th. Gus worked as a newspaper boy in his district. He also has experience with baking, as that is one of his district's trademarks. Gus hopes to return home to his three brothers, one older sister, mother and father, and his good-hearted dog companion. (And that special girlfriend of his.) May the odds ever be in his favor.

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