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Alexandra Le Brune

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1 Alexandra Le Brune on Sun Dec 14, 2008 1:24 pm

Name: Alexandra Le Brune

Gender: Female

Age[Remeber 12-17]: 15


Appearance: Alexandra is 5'11. She's very pale, because she doesn't tan or sunburn. A 3 1/2 inch scar can be seen going diagonal across her left eyebrow, from her abusive past. Usually in Jeans, her Converse, and a T-Shirt

Personality: Easy Going, Sarcastic, Humorous, Caring.

History: She grew up in District 12 with her mother. Later, her mother became abusive, and gave her the scar on her eyebrow. Her mother later died from a heart attack. She survived on her own, fending for food, and basic needs to feed her younger siblings. She hunted, fished, and even raided for food.

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