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Zayla Kyll

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1 Zayla Kyll on Thu May 19, 2011 10:05 pm

Name: Zayla Kyll

Gender: Female

Age[Remeber 12-17]: 15

District[1-12]: 4

Appearance: Curly blonde hair that reaches a little above her waist. Has light blue eyes. People say her eyes are like an open book, and always gives her emotions away. She stands between the height of 5 foot 3 and 4, so she is fairly average for her age. Zayla gets tanned really easily, and living in District 4, gets more than enough tans. She isn't one you would call gorgeous or perfect--however, the constant smile on her face made everyone think she was pretty, at the very least. Maybe even beautiful.

Personality: Zayla is a very bright girl, always full of pep talks. You can always rely on her to cheer you up, even when you are at your worst moods. Zayla loves meeting new people and making new friends, and isn't afraid to reach out to another person first, no matter how hostile they are. Zayla always has a smile on her face, but she has her serious moments. Despite looking it, Zayla knows that not everything in the world is perfect; full of rainbows and sunshine. On the contrary, she feels very bitter about the Games, and hates to see what it does to the twenty-four tributes every year.

History: Zayla's family is in the middle-class by their District standards. Zayla has a little brother, Heman, who is autistic. Despite that, Zayla's family has always been happy, and they were always there for each other. Zayla loves her brother very much, and even though they cannot do things other siblings can do, Zayla spends as much as time as she can with him. Zayla loves swimming, and is always outside whenever she is able to be. Her father is a Fisher, so she also helps him out a lot.

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