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Chrystal Sandot

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1 Chrystal Sandot on Mon Sep 12, 2011 5:39 am

Name: Chrastal Sandot ((im rping ad a girl))

Gender: Female

Age[Remember 12-17]: 14

District[1-12]: 7

Appearance: She has long hair almost to her thighs. It is brown and always looking good. She is tall for her age. If it was in the 20th century again she would be a good model. She has long legs too. She looks very hot.

Personality: She is a very nice and shy girl. She loves to talk about your older sister who died when she was eight. She is usually hungry since her family is poor. She has brother, a long brother who she gets along with. She has lonely a dad and brother and she doesn't do most of the work like her brother.

History: Her mother died and older sister. She actually likes girls not guys. ((twist xD)) She's usually asked out by guys but she always says know. She once tried to ask a girl out but she chickened out. She also once looked through a girl's window and so her take her shirt off((than the girl saw her and screamed.))

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